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The most advanced Osint Software

The best and the most advanced Osint Software. Find someone's digital identity such as passwords, IP address, postal address, e-mail info and more...

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  • Osint (Open Source Intelligence)
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How it works ?

Osint, or open source intelligence, is information obtained from a very advanced public information source. Razid can find leaked passwords (advanced osint), postal addresses, ip addresses (advanced osint), email information, school history, financial history, social networks, and more to discover on the software.

What can you do with Razid ?

With Razid, you can perform basic osint features such as email address information, advanced web search, username search, but also much more advanced and complicated tasks such as searching for leaked passwords with more than 7 billion entries, search for postal addresses in France, Switzerland, Belgium, United States, England, and more in the future. Razid also offers the possibility of browsing directly in private databases in order to find, for example, an ip address with a discord id, a nickname and much more, Razid has many surprises in store for you in your use of osint.