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Raz Lab + Softwares, Development, Websites, Designs, and Prototypes

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Razid Software

The best and the most advanced Osint Software. Find someone's digital identity such as passwords IP address, postal address, e-mail info and more...

Custom website creation

Design and creation of personalized site or already on sale. Prices that beat all records for value for money

Graphic & Motion design

At our design studio, we specialize in crafting personalized graphic design and motion design solutions for our clients. From unique logos to captivating animations, we bring creativity and expertise to bring their vision to life.

Welcome to Raz Lab

We are a pioneering technology company based in France, specializing in software development, custom website creation, application development, logo design, motion design, and various other digital and IT services.

One of our most successful products is Razid, an advanced OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) software. Razid empowers professionals with the ability to gather public and private information on individuals, making it an invaluable tool for security experts, investigators, and researchers.

At Raz Lab, we pride ourselves on our diverse expertise in software development, web design, and graphics. Our team of talented professionals ensures that every project is crafted with innovation and efficiency, delivering exceptional results for our clients. Here is a list of our uses and our staff team to guarantee the maintenance of Raz Lab as well as its image

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