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How to Install the Software and Create an Account on Razid Software


How to Install the Software and Create an Account on Razid Software

We will explain how to install and create an account on Razid Software after receiving your license key!

  1. Make sure you have received your license key. Then, go to the official website: and download the software.

  2. Choose the language, accept the Terms of Service (TOS), and enter your license key in the "Serial Number" field. Step 2

  3. Select the file location and click "Next". The installer will download the necessary files for the software. Make sure to check the "Create desktop icon" box to easily find the software.

  4. Launch the software. If you are already in beta, answer "Yes" (Y) when asked if you have already completed the setup. Otherwise, answer "No" (N). Step 4

  5. Perform your search. For better results, it is recommended to enter the postal code to avoid confusion with other individuals who share the same first name. Step 5

  6. Finally, create an account. To do this, select option 2, then enter a username and password. A complex password is not necessary, as even if someone knows your password, they cannot log in from a different computer. Finally, enter your license key. Step 6

If the steps do not proceed as expected or if you encounter any other issues, please contact support by creating a ticket on the Discord or by reaching out to us.